Monthly Meeting resumes August 10th. Mask required.

Good news! Our meetings can once again be held at the library. We will resume next Monday, August 10th, at the usual time and place: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm at the Brown County library. Everyone please wear a mask as required. We will observe social distancing as well to keep everyone safe. We should have lots to talk about so get ready for the BUZZ.

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Local Queen Rearing Class

For those of you who would like to take a class in how to produce your own queens, we recommend the activity sponsored by the Bedford Beekeepers next month.  This two day class April 23rd and April 24th will be taught at Lawrence County Fair Grounds. Cost for this class is $60.00. Class will be taught By Kent Williams. You will learn from one of the master beekeepers of the Area, and you will learn so much from this person! Many take his class over just for all of the Knowledge that he shares. Seating is limited and please register early. For more information call or text 812-797-4269

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Bee Intensive Field Day

This year’s Bee Intensive field day will be held on April 25th, at the Lawrence County Fairground.  This event is put on by the Bedford Beekeepers.  The event includes two major divisions.  There is an all-day Beginners Beekeeping Class for anyone interested in getting involved in becoming a beekeeper.  For  others who currently have bee hives, there is a full schedule of break-out sessions, ranging from making splits to treating for mites and hive inspections.  There will be hives available for hands-on demonstrations, so bring your veil and gloves.  Go to for more information and registration.  Cost is $15.00, which includes coffee in the morning and a great lunch.

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Bee School XVIII

The Beekeepers of Indiana are having the largest meeting of beekeepers in the United States on Saturday, February 29, at Decatur Central High School, just south of Indianapolis on State Road 67.  Starts at 8:00 am.  There might still be tickets available online, none are sold at the door.  Check at


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March Meeting

Hi Everyone,

Anyone looking at this website will note that we have not been very active lately.  I hope that we can change that and begin having regular posts again.  We should at least be able to post our meeting schedule, and let you know if anything special is happening at the next meeting.

Our next meeting is at 7 pm, March 9, 2020, at the Library in Nashville.

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February Meeting

We will hold our first meeting of the year on Monday, February 13, 2017, at 7 pm at the Public Library in Nashville.  The major topic of discussion will be preparing for spring.  Anyone interested in bees and beekeeping is welcome to attend.  Anyone interested in starting a new hive can learn lots about bees and beekeeping.  No dues, no requirements.  Just come and learn.

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June Meeting: Monday 13th, 7pm

Our next meeting will be Monday, June 13, at 7 pm, at the Brown County Library in Nashville.  Tony Gaudin will give a report on the recent meeting of the Indiana Queen Breeders Association, and the effort to make genetically superior queens available to more beekeepers in Indiana.  The main topics for discussion will be swarm management, honey collection, and increase in the number of your hives.

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April Meeting

Our next meeting will be April 11th, 7pm at the library in Nashville.

By most measures, spring is ahead of schedule this year. Dandelions are blooming, so you should have supers on your colonies by now.  When I looked at my colonies on March 26th, I saw plenty of drone comb, so I believe we’ll see early swarms this year. Usually May is the peak swarm month, but I’m hearing of beekeepers in Louisville already seeing swarm cells, so we could easily have mid-April swarms. If you’re planning on putting out swarm traps, you need to do that right away.

The Bee Informed Partnership Colony Loss and Management survey is now Live. There are actually two surveys: 1) to measure colony losses over winter and 2), a survey of your bee management techniques.  We want to encourage you to take these surveys, regardless of how many colonies you have. The more data collected, the more accurate the results will be. Click here:

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March Meeting

Our next meeting will be March 14th, 7pm at the Library.

We’ve had a few warm days in February – hopefully you’ve had a chance to check your bees, and make sure they have sufficient stores to get them through these last few weeks until spring.  The queen should be laying by now, and raising brood will exhaust their stores rapidly.

The willows and maples are usually some of the earliest sources of pollen, but stretches of bad weather may keep the bees inside. Make sure your bees have enough to eat!

At our March meeting we will talk about installing packages & nucs, along with general spring management. Bring plenty of questions!

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Happy New Year

The BIG NEWS for the coming year is the establishment of our new consolidated statewide organization.  The Beekeepers of Indiana will now include the combined memberships of the now defunct clubs:  Indiana Beekeepers Association, and Indiana State Beekeepers Association.  At their Fall meetings, the memberships of both groups voted overwhelmingly to formally disband the separate organizations, and join together in our efforts to promote beekeeping and beekeepers throughout the state of Indiana.  We will include a link to the new organization here, as soon as their new web site is up and running.  Until the new website is available, you can still register for the combined Bee School on February 27th at the following link:

Although you may have seen  something in the Farm Indiana newspaper insert that circulates statewide, the 10 o’clock Beekeepers WILL NOT meet in January.  We have always taken November, December and January off while the bees are clustered in the hive.  Our next meeting will be on Monday, February 8, 2016, at 7 pm, at the Public Library in Nashville.

We are having an unseasonably warm “winter” ………… so far.  Don’t forget to check to see if your bees might need some emergency food in the form of “sugar blocks” or “candy blocks” to get them through until the dandelions and maples start blooming.

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