What’s Blooming

Now that it’s late summer, many of the plants that provide the Fall nectar flow are already blooming. Walking out to my mailbox today, I snapped a few photos of some common plants that are currently blooming. Although these are all good nectar plants for honey bees, my bees seemed the most interested in Goldenrod.


Bees on Goldenrod bloom

What is a bee’s favorite kind of pie? It’s Joe-Pye!


While Joe-Pye is more of a lavender, Ironweed is bright purple:


Queen Anne’s Lace, Wild Carrot,  & Yarrow are all names for this plant which blooms most of the summer:


There are a number of types of asters blooming. This one we all know as Black Eyed Susan:


This is a yellow aster, not sure of it’s particular name:

Yellow aster

And lastly, this one is almost in bloom. Had to go partway up my neighbor’s driveway to get this photo. It’s a sumac ready to burst into bloom:


If you have some blooms near you, snap a photo and send it to me and I’ll add it. Or, if you know more about any of these plants, send that.


Our next meeting:
September 8th, 7pm at the Library in Nashville.

Indiana State Beekeepers (ISBA) 106th Annual Fall Conference, Oct 25th in Franklin, IN. More details here.

Beginning Beekeeping class in Franklin on Oct 25th, sponsored by the Indiana State Beekeepers. More info here.

Indiana Beekeepers (IBA) Fall Meeting, Nov 7-8th, McCormick’s Creek State Park. More info here.

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