First Meeting of 2015

The 10 o’clock Beeline Beekeepers Club will hold its first monthly meeting of 2015 at 7 PM, on Monday, February 9, in one of the meeting rooms on the lower level of the Brown County Library in Nashville.  The major topic of discussion will be getting ready for spring.  More hives are lost in February and March than in November.  Let’s discuss how to avoid this situation.  We welcome anyone interested in bees or beekeeping.  Individuals interested in starting a beehive are particularly encouraged to attend.  Experienced beekeepers in our club are available as mentors to anyone thinking about taking up this rewarding activity.  For more information, contact Anthony Gaudin (765) 318-0525, or Mark Partridge (812) 988-9390.

Upcoming Statewide meetings:

Feb 28th: Indiana Beekeepers Assn Bee School XIII.

Mar 21st: Indiana State Beekeepers Assn Spring Meeting

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