The 10 o’clock Beeline Beekeepers Club is a loose organization of individuals who like to get together and talk about bees and beekeeping.  Our name is derived from the 10 o’clock Line treaty that was signed in 1809 with the Miami Indians.  The line marking the treaty passes through Brown County and surrounding areas.  We meet at 7 PM on the second Monday of the month on the lower floor of the Brown County Library in Nashville, Indiana.  We have no officers, bylaws, dues, or agendas.  We simply meet and discuss our experiences raising bees.  We ask and answer questions and mentor new beekeepers (“newbees”).  Sometimes, one of our members will discuss or present a demonstration of some important process in beekeeping, such as handling a new package of bees, collecting a swarm, constructing frames for the hive, preparing for winter, making nucs, preparing splits, and grafting new queens.  We welcome anyone interested in bees or beekeeping.


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