April Meeting

Our next meeting will be April 11th, 7pm at the library in Nashville.

By most measures, spring is ahead of schedule this year. Dandelions are blooming, so you should have supers on your colonies by now.  When I looked at my colonies on March 26th, I saw plenty of drone comb, so I believe we’ll see early swarms this year. Usually May is the peak swarm month, but I’m hearing of beekeepers in Louisville already seeing swarm cells, so we could easily have mid-April swarms. If you’re planning on putting out swarm traps, you need to do that right away.

The Bee Informed Partnership Colony Loss and Management survey is now Live. There are actually two surveys: 1) to measure colony losses over winter and 2), a survey of your bee management techniques.  We want to encourage you to take these surveys, regardless of how many colonies you have. The more data collected, the more accurate the results will be. Click here: https://beeinformed.org/participate/

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